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when your clients leave positive feedback about the work you've done and how it's helped their business and brand, it's really rewarding and encouraging.  and then when google singles you out and recognizes you for all that hard work, devotion, and accountability, well that's pretty awesome too.  and so, it is with great pride, excitement, and humility, that we announce our selection among the 1% of small businesses named a google favorite place!



OUR WORK  is infused with an unyielding precision and a keen understanding of craft. 

the most interesting projects we undertake explore the boundaries of what is feasible in neon, tapping into a deep knowledge of the medium, and pushing those limits further.

OUR HISTORY  is proven and our reach is wide.

established in 2003, with locations in east orange and jersey city new jersey, 419 neon has over the last decade emerged as a leading manufacturer of custom neon signs and lighting in the new york city, new jersey, and pennsylvania metropolitan area. 

however local our focus may be, we are likewise fully equipped to ship both domestically and overseas.

OUR VALUES  are simple and straightforward, and remain uncompromised.

-we are fully committed to serving the needs of our clients, and are dedicated to providing unparalleled service in pursuit of those goals

-every project is treated with the same integrity and work ethic that has become a hallmark of our dealings

-excellence in design and fabrication is the linchpin that binds together our practice

OUR SERVICES  are marked by an attention to detail and finish unparalleled in the industry, rooted in a deep respect for the companies and individuals that we serve.

since our inception, our studio has fabricated and repaired thousands of neon projects for clients as diverse as artists and designers, as well as high end, main street, and big box retail establishments.  we've also had the good fortune to collaborate on scores of special events and happenings.

more specifically, our services include the design, layout, and fabrication of:

•  cold cathode neon lamps for interior recessed alcove lighting, and exterior architectural lighting

•  one off custom, prototyping, as well as mass production neon signage

•  neon props for the stage, television, and motion pictures

•  custom fine art neon fabrication for visual artists

•  channel letters for outdoor neon signage (exposed neon, backlit halo neon, direct frontlit neon)

•  window and wall mounted neon signs

•  neon window borders

•  promotional and special effects neon signs

•  electrostatic spray tubes for the printing industry


•  full restoration of vintage and antique neon signs

•  neon beer sign repair

•  service and maintenance of exposed indoor neon window borders and signs

•  service and maintenance of outdoor neon channel letters, borders, and sign boxes

WHO  is the founder of this business?

roger borg, who graduated with a bachelor of arts from brandeis university in 1999, and received his masters of fine arts from mason gross school of the arts, rutgers university, in 2002.

roger subsequently attended the world renowned pilchuck glass school in the summer of 2002.

his fine art has been exhibited among other places at the museum of neon art los angeles, and resides in numerous collections, private and public, scattered across the country and world.

WHAT  is our goal?

to be patient and informative in our communication, and assist our clients in selecting the optimal design for their stated purpose.  on equal terms, we place immense value on designing with creativity, and fabricating with mastery.

WHEN  do we work?

pretty much all the time one thing or another is being tended to.

WHERE  can you find us?

wherever an intractable problem requires a solution.

WHY  do we work so hard?

because we do not take our past successes for granted.  because complacency is sclerotic and caustic.  because creativity is forever restless.  because opportunity does not telegraph its coming.  and because truly, what beats talking with wonderful people every day, and being lucky enough to help keep a hundred year old plus tradition of neon signmaking alive and thriving.

419 goog fav

if you have a project to discuss, drop a line or ring us up anytime:
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