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MILK STUDIOS (meatpacking district, nyc)
when we were first approached with this project for the centerpiece of MILK's MAKEUP launch party, it was described as an explosion of neon shapes- waves, triangles, starbursts, and lines.  as is evident, not much changed from conception to execution.  amazingly, we were able to devise a mounting solution for all the neon components in which no armature of any sort was used.  the neon was completely self supported by its own structure and integrity.   no easy task i must say, but then again, neither is starting a new product line.  kudos and good luck with the new endeavor...
milk studios 2645 860milk studios 2634
....     .     .........
PUBLIC FACTORY (soho, nyc)
the soho grand hotel is now flanked by a triptych of our crosshatched neon windows.  day or night, come out and support the rotating cadre of independent and emerging fashion designers that preside over this new and wonderful addition to the soho neighborhood.
public factory 2066public factory 2043
....     .     .........
WIEDEN & KENNEDY (soho, nyc)
after conjuring a donkey goat camel crossbreed, the fine folks at w+k needed it to become a reality.
and that's when we stepped in.
wieden kennedy 9587e
....     .     .........
ALFRED DUNHILL (midtown manhattan, nyc)
if you're in the market for a bespoke suit, i know the right place for you.
and if you need a bespoke neon sign, we've got you covered there as well.
made to measure 1393made to measure 9512
....     .     .........
just do it- and do it we did.  to commemorate the first nyc nike community store, opening at the fabled intersection of flatbush and nostrand avenue in brooklyn, we fabricated this 8.5' x 7' indoor channel letter style sign.  constructed from beefy welded aluminum, and sprayed matte black, this sign will have a new home in the pacific northwest headquarters of nike.
flatbsh nostrand m55p27 0419flatbush nostrand 9236 9242flatbush nostrand 9285flatbush nostrand 9262
....     .     .........
REVOLVE CLOTHING (surf lodge, montauk)
when opening their first east coast popup shop, this LA based retailer requested something timeless to anchor their launch party.  because this was to be an outdoor event, we ran with the beach theme, and sourced reclaimed lumber with which to construct a vintage post sign.
revolve 2449revolve 9067
....     .     .........
LOFT 25 (chelsea, nyc)
419 does 420.  420 west 25th that is.  this newly renovated lobby now demands that passers by take a minute out of their day, and well, sneak a peek.
420 lobby 0924420 lobby 8944
....     .     .........
RALPH INTERACTIVE (tribeca, nyc)
after moving into a new space, the folks at this wonderful creative agency felt something was lacking in their dining area.  so we were called upon to recreate their logo in neon, and then all was right as rain.
ralph 0256ralph 8794
....     .     .........
WGSN (times square, nyc)
trend forecasting is what they do, and it's super cool that neon has an outsized presence in WGSN's north american global office.
create tomorrow m76p28create tomorrow 0342
....     .     .........
COMPLEX MEDIA (time life bldg, midtown manhattan, nyc)
marc ecko's complex media headquarters is now graced by a pair of our neon signs.
thanks brent, marc, and crew- glad to be a presence in the newly redesigned lobby.
complex 0183 4x6complex 0153e 4x6
complex 0197 4x6complex 0163 e35100 4x6
....     .     .........
MIXOLOGY (upper east side, nyc)
if you heart mixology, it's because of us.  well, it's not really us- we just do the signs, not the clothes.  but if you heart the neon, then that's all us...
mixology 0217 p2m50mixology 8677 m2p82mixology 0241 p60m7
....     .     .........
ROCAWEAR (macy's downtown brooklyn, nyc)
when fabolous made his appearance at macy's for the launch of rocawear's blak label, our 6' tall neon sign shared the stage, as too did a smaller pair.
blak 7054 6x4blak 7070 6x4
....     .     .........
ALDER (east village, nyc)
wd50 may no longer be around, but our window sign at the new restaurant sure is.
many thanks to stephen and wylie for the chance to collaborate with such fine people.
alder 7416e 150b 4x6alder 7388 4x6
....     .     .........
PRIVATE RESIDENCE (union square, nyc)
although it may look simple, nothing about this glasswork is.
a pair of nested concentric waves, each a different warm white tone, with varying frequencies and amplitudes, trace the perimeter of a pear shaped glass tabletop below.
usq lamp 7274 620x413usq lamp 7254 620x413
....     .     .........
BUCCELLATI (upper east side, nyc)
we were tasked with devising and executing a criss cross motif, transforming the facade of this renowned madison ave jeweler.
nice digs, a view from the top floor...
buccellati 9999 e150 50 4x6buccellati 9986 4x6
....     .     .........
LACOSTE (upper east side, nyc)
for the press wall in their nyc headquarters, we rendered their famed crocodile in a bone white neon, set against an industrial pressed wood backer.
lacoste 0085 4x6lacoste 0036e 4x6
....     .     .........
GOOGLE (katz's deli, lower east side, nyc)
ok google, who made the neon google sign for katz's deli?  it is my privilege and honor to say 419 neon did.

and i'm also wonderfully pleased to have been a part of the ADWEEK's number one advertising campaign of 2014.
ok google katz deli 6332ok google katz deli 6202e
....     .     .........
GOOGLE (heartland brewery, empire state building, midtown, nyc)
ok google, who did the neon google sign at heartland brewery's empire state building location?  i'm  proud to say 419 neon did that as well...
ok google heatland brewery 6471ok google heatland brewery 6420e
....     .     .........
LANVIN (upper east side, nyc)
happy holidays to all, and to all, happy holidays.  this window display incorporated three dimensional neon, with a contour tracing the gentleman's phsyique.  and for our lady friend, a meandering neon line spilling from the bottom of her well wishes.
i'm quite happy for the recognition as one of the 2014 nyc holiday seasons's top window displays. 
lanvin male 7332 4x6lanvin female 7344 4x6
....     .    .........
FOOTLOCKER HOUSE OF HOOPS (madison sq garden, nyc)
419 neon was happy to partner with amazing metal fabricators to realize the the neon component of nike's timeline sneaker display.
house of hoops 4x6house of hoops 7696e 4x6
....     .     .........
THE GAP (midtown manhattan, nyc)
nothing beats a simple exposed neon channel letter, so here you go.  
gap g fit 7466 4x6
....     .     .........
OLD NAVY (soho, nyc)
we made the tubing for these 6' tall freestanding double stroke neon letters.  start to finish, completed in a week's time...
fall in love panoramafall in love 12in
....     .     .........
we designed and fabricated a free floating curvilinear neon sculpture constructed for the accelerator's recently opened new york space.
samsung 6254 6x45samsung 1530e 6x45
....     .    .........
NYC PARKS DEPARTMENT (staten island, nyc)
we completely tore down and restored this vintage 1940s diner sign.  
old fading and peeling paint was stripped and serveral new coats applied, completely new double stroke neon tubing made from new patterns, new wiring and new transformers.
good as new, in fact, better...
victory diner before
victory diner after
....     .     .........
INTEL (williamsburg, nyc)
for the launch of intel's new app, we created this double stroke neon lettering. 
believe it or not, this was done in one humongously long day, not by my avatar or doppelganger, but by one seriously tired dude.
pocket avatars 6in 7393
....     .     .........
ROUGH TRADE RECORDS (williamsburg, nyc)
we fabricated this small, intricate, double stroke serifed white neon, for the guardian's outpost across the pond.  rock on...
theguardian 2508theguardian 2435
....     .     .........
KATZ'S DELICATESSEN (lower east side, nyc)
congratulations to the fine people at katz's delicatessen- 125 years is a long long time.
i am glad to have been able to fabricate the anniversary neon sign for the weekend festivities.
here's to another 125 years of delicious pastrami, and joey chestnut...
katz 8799 432pxkatz 8724e 432px
....     .     .........
MAYOR STEVEN FULOP (jersey city)
congratulations to mayor-elect steven fulop, whose neon sign we made for his campaign.
fulop 4140 4759

....     .     .........

NEW YORK TRANSIT MUSEUM (downtown brooklyn, nyc)
i am proud to have been entrusted by the new york transit museum to restore the 1937 vintage copper sign that once resided on the facade of grand central terminal.
the sign has been returned to working condition by re-illuminating the interior sign box, as well as re-fabricating all of its signature yellow push through letter faces.
this historic sign was on view in vanderbilt hall from 2.1.13 - 3.14.13, as part of GRAND BY DESIGN, in celebration of grand central's centennial anniversary.
gct before 12
gct after 12
 ....     .     .........
MUSEUM of MODERN ART (midtown manhattan, nyc)
when the MoMA design store needed a section of their wavy wall replaced, we were pleased to help out.
on the left is the exposed neon, and on the right the neon creating a fiber optic effect through the edges of the shelves.
MoMA wavy wall 3983MoMA wavy wall 3987
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